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Product Name:SP7.37/35-110/1440
Product Code:132424-977
Production units:SUZHOU GS NEW ENERGY
   Product details


TYPE: SP0.76/30-24/180

NO. Name Spec.
1 Operation Voltage 110v DC
2 Power of Solar Cell 1440w
3 Max. flow rate 7.37m3/h
4 Max. head 35m
5 (Q=M3/H)
6.62M3     4.23M3      2.72M3
6 H=M) 10M          28M           35M
7 Outlet Caliber 40mm
8 Pumps diameter 94mm
9 Pumps length 760mm
10 Weight 11.5kg
11 Protection level IP68
12 Carton size 890*250*210mm
13 20GP contain number



TPYE: Controller

NO. Name Spec.
1 Operation Voltage 110v
2 Voltage range  100v130v
3 Volume size 215*180*92mm
4 Net weight 2.3kg
5 Operating temperature 20℃~60
6 Protection grade IP55



TPYE: Solar panel module

NO. Name Spec.
1 Max. power 180w
2 Max. power voltage 29v
3 Max. power current 6.22A
4 Open circuit voltage 36.2v
5 Short circuit current 6.48A
6 Size of module 1652*992*45mm
7 Weight per piece 19.5kg
8 Power of solar panel arrange 1440w
9 Required quantity 8pcs



TYPE: Parts

NO.         Name                                       Spec.

1            Pump waterproof cable            3*1.5m㎡

2            Solar panel cable                      2*1.5m㎡

3            Float level switch cable            3*0.5m㎡

4            Wire rope                                304 stainless steel,DIA:4



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